Finding Home-Based Employment

Finding work from home employment is a lot like finding any other job. No matter what your education is, or how good you are at the job you do, you can’t get a job unless you apply yourself. If you market yourself properly, you can still land that work at home job if you know where to look for them. Fortunately, there is a website that features over 4,000 work at home jobs in one source. We have also compiled a list of other sites that have online databases of work at home employment. Be sure to read about the fastest growing work at home profession, audio transcription along with Medical Coding and Medical Billing

The Home Employment Database contains thousands of fresh, real work-from-home jobs with new jobs posted monthly. The database is setup much like and most other job search websites, but there is a big difference. The jobs posted on this website are specifically for work from home positions. Apply from anywhere in the US. The Home Employment Database is a membership site. You can browse the listings for free, but you must register to reply to the jobs and post your resume. This membership costs $8.88 a month, and can be canceled at any time. Considering how the jobs on the site are targeted to work at home positions only, this is a good value. There are other job listings sites out there, but they don’t focus on work at home jobs. Advantages of the Home Employment Database over other job sites1000’s a jobs in the database. All are home based. Up to 400 new jobs posted weekly Jobs across the country posted. Your location does not matter.

All fields of work are covered, including medical billing, coding and audio transcription. Many data entry jobs that require little training Professional resume services are included with membership Free access to the VLC’s Employment Strategies Workshop Access to free Virtual Learning Center intro courses (includes audio transcription) As mentioned above, this database consists exclusively of work from home job opportunities. You don’t have to sift through countless office based jobs just to find the handful of work at home positions available on most other job databases. Since these are all work from home jobs, they can be done from anywhere in the country. This is the best you will find on the net, but if you’re not sure about becoming a member you can always sign up for a free trial. MT This site is a style jobs database – but only for MT’s. Companies that hire work from home audio transcriptionist will frequently post job ads here, and there are hundreds of positions from around the country in the database. This site is free to search and post your resume, so be sure to take advantage of it. Health Jobs USA While this database is not targeted to audio transcriptionist jobs only, it covers the medical profession and does have a number of audio transcription jobs. This site is free, and you can contact employers directly from the website. While the databases above are more targeted to the work at home jobs, you should also check out more general job sites. You never know what might show up.

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