What Makes Our Tableware So Good?

Our average selling price being sold this way is $2199 to $2599 per set. We are no longer selling our tableware through direct sales. After working for the direct sale company we felt the mark-up was unreasonable high. So we left the company and set out to start our own Gourmet Waterless Tableware internet sales department.

After spending over a year of research, through trial and era we finally found the quality that equals the national name brand (Townecraft) that we had been selling. CharDáns Gourmet Tableware is now selling our high quality waterless tableware through internet sales instead of direct sales with very little overhead.

We guarantee you that this is the highest quality waterless tableware being sold on the internet today at these low prices. If you have any questions about our product please contact me by clicking here,but first please continue reading the information below about our gourmet tableware and then decide whose tableware is the best value.

Our original Gourmet Multi-Ply Steam Control Waterless Tableware is designed for the professional chef and home cook for a lifetime of cooking pleasure (don’t be fooled by other Multi-Ply tableware sets). Our Cooking System gives you every reason to enjoy the fine art of cooking. You will be amazed that the natural flavors of the food really do come out when cooking with our waterless greaseless tableware.

We are now offering our professional chefs quality 7Ply Gourmet T304 Waterless Tableware to the public through our internet sales. Our tableware is known for its ability to cook healthier foods with almost no water, no fats or oils for a lifetime of enjoyment, for a fraction of the cost of similar direct sales high end quality tableware.

Not only is it healthier but the flavor of you food is almost unbelievable! We ought to know, our parent company which started in this business using “Flavor Seal Tableware” has now been selling quality gourmet waterless tableware for over 50 years.

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